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Experience ANPLOT's fast and efficient comprehensive platform service composed of server, network system, and DAPP experts.
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Who are we?
Investments must be efficient. Proceed with ANPLOT.

Chia Pool

ANPLOT builds its own Chia Mining Pool,
so you can get coins every day
in a more stable and convenient way.


ANPLOT, composed of server and network
system experts, satisfies the needs of cust
omers with a systematic and efficient system.


ANPLOT is composed of experts in various
fields,and can manufacture and service all
solutions in the form customers want.

What is blockchain?
Understanding blockchain is the key to preparing for the future.

Blockchain Network

Blockchain is an immutable, shared ledger that streamlines the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in business networks. Assets can be tangible (home, automobile, cash, land) or intangible (intellectual property, patents, copyrights, brands).

Virtually anything of value can be tracked and traded on the blockchain network, reducing risk and lowering costs for everything involved.

Business runs on information. The sooner you receive it, the more accurate and better it is. Because it provides instant, shared, and completely transparent information stored on an immutable ledger that only authorized network members can access, blockchains are ideal for communicating information.

A blockchain network can track orders, payments, accounts, production, and more. Also, because members share a single trusted view, Users can see every detail of a transaction end-to-end, providing new efficiencies and opportunities with greater reliability. (Source: IBM website)

Our's service
ANPLOT always prepares and strives for the business needs of its customers.

Mining agency

From the beginning of "Chia Coin (XCH)" to the present, ANPLOT has been floating directly with a lot of experience and technology, We have the technology to optimize faster and more stable production. With ANPLOT, you can experience effective floating.

Mining space rental

Based on the experience of building various servers and network systems and DAPPs, system (OS) analysis and We are optimizing all aspects related to farming, such as network packet analysis and Chai Main Network analysis. Use the optimized farming system service through ANPLOT.

Mining integrated solution

From hardware purchase to comprehensive floating agency & farming space rental products ANPLOT solves all matters related to mining system construction. Acquire coins stably using ANPLOT's "Chia Coin (XCH)" mining solution.

Program production and advice

It is composed of various experts such as server, network system, and DAPP. ANPLOT is a NAS, DAS, server storage facility, web program, app program, automation program, We handle all program-related tasks such as machine automation program development.