Chia Network
Experience a solution optimized for profit with the experience and technology accumulated from the beginning of "Chia Coin (XCH)" to the present.
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What is Chia?
Chia is by far the greenest cryptocurrency.

Chia Network

Founded by Bram Cohen, inventor of the BitTorrent network, Chia Network is building a better blockchain and smart transaction platform that is more decentralized, more efficient and more secure. The Chia Blockchain has an active community of open-source developers who have made many contributions to the codebase. Many individuals contribute to the Chia blockchain in areas including research, peer review, development, testing, documentation and translation.

Chialisp is Chia's new smart transaction programming language that is powerful, auditable and secure. The blockchain is powered by a new Nakamoto-style consensus algorithm, the first since the launch of Bitcoin in 2008. Space and time proofs replace energy-intensive "proof-of-work" by leveraging unused disk space.

Chia Network supports the development and deployment of the Chia blockchain worldwide. Chia Network supports chia developers and supports enterprise use of chia through software support and chia loans. (Source: Chia website)

Our's Chia capacity
These are the results of ANPLOT from the start of "Chia Coin (XCH)" to the present.

Chia Netspace

23.39 EiB



Anpool Space

8.1 PiB

Farmed Amount

2,494 XCH

Number of Plots


Our's Chia service
ANPLOT always prepares and strives for the business needs of its customers.

Floating agent

From the beginning of "Chia Coin (XCH)" to the present, ANPLOT has been floating directly with a lot of experience and technology, We have the technology to optimize faster and more stable production. With ANPLOT, you can experience effective floating.

XCH Integration Solution

From hardware construction by integrating floating agency & hardware products ANPLOT solves all matters related to mining system construction. Acquire coins stably using ANPLOT's "Chia Coin (XCH)" mining solution.

Cloud mining

Based on the experience of building various servers and network systems and DAPPs, system (OS) analysis and We are optimizing everything related to mining, such as network packet analysis and Chai Main Network analysis. Use the optimized cloud mining system service through ANPLOT.

Our's Chia cloud
Make money every day with affordable prices and efficient configurations.

Cloud Farming Calculator

₩ 15,000
/ plot
101.4 GiB / plot
48 months payment
20% of operation and management fee

Cloud Farming Calculator (101.4 GiB / plot)

The price per plot is ₩15,000, the total plot capacity is 0 GiB, and the total order amount is ₩ 0.

We expect the first plot to start on 2024-07-17 15:45. The total number of days required for all plotting to be completed is 0 days, and the remaining contract period is converted to farming.

The estimated coins you can get per month is 0 XCH excluding 20% ​​of the operating and management fee, which is $0 when converted into dollars. The contract is expected to close at 2028-07-16 15:45, 1461 days from now.

All figures and information calculated are estimates based on current demand and cannot guarantee 100% results of calculations.

Our's Chia products
Make money every day with affordable prices and efficient configurations.

100 Plots

₩ 900 / plot
₩ 90,000
Hard disk not included

500 Plots

₩ 800 / plot
₩ 400,000
Hard disk not included

1000 Plots

₩ 700 / plot
₩ 700,000
Hard disk not included


3000 ≥ Plots = ₩ 550 / plot
₩ 0
Hard disk not included

12Bay, Ubuntu 20.04

12Bay Server
1728 Plots / 22 days
80 Plots / day
16TB HDD * 12 = 192TB

36Bay, Ubuntu 20.04

36Bay Server
5220 Plots / 52 days
100 Plots / day
16TB HDD * 36 = 576TB

1U Server + 4U Server + 10GbE

1U, 4U Server
5220 Plots / 35 days
150 Plots / day
16TB HDD * 36 = 576TB